Principal's Desk

Principal's Desk

Dear students, We cordially extend our warm welcome to you for visiting our website. It will help you to rediscover your potential existing in the manifold avenues of your lives. It will be our endeavor to set yourself pondering over the issues facing your minds in academic and cultural domains of our social setup.The technological revolutions has brought computers to every doorstep and these are the vehicles through which knowledge flows and our website presents our efforts to instill knowledge in the minds of citizens of every age.

 Today’s world is beset with a variety of challenging situations and here education is the most powerful weapon to face the challenges. Meaningful education gives creativity of thought, copiousness of illustration, vigor, words, and images and decorates every common thing. She above set o meet to, in the college our main focus is not only to teach the existing curricula but to stimulate the young minds to successfully face the competitions in the academic realm without compromising with the basic human values.

To meet the above said challenges we promote sports and different clubs, societies, associations of our college like NCC, NSS, and Youth club. Legal literacy club, red ribbon club and cell for women studies and development work tirelessly to inculcate the element of social sensitivity and pride for Indian culture and tradition in the minds of the students and also making them good human beings who can become the agents of social change which is the need our time.

These societies guide and broaden their horizon by organizing extension lectures, seminars, quiz contests, education tours, personality development lectures etc. and these efforts are evident in the impressive performance of our students in studies.

I assure all those who made to enter the portals of this prestigious institution that you will grow mentally, intellectually as well as spiritually and extend your whole hearted co operation in fulfilling the mission of meaningful education.

The vastness of our campus would certainly enlighten you regarding our efforts to educate the younger generation in all fields of modern society.

With best wishes,

Akal Degree College for Women,