The President

The President

Dear Students,

We are today confronted with a big challenge. While science and technology grow in leaps and bounds, our sufferings seem to outpace them. Our quest for newer instruments of comfort and gratification pushes us deeper into the quagmire of mindless exploitation of nature.We have caused irreparable damage to nature through unrestrained exploitation of its resources. Life's building blocks-air, water,soil have lost much of their vigour, assaulted by perverted human activity.

The levels of worry, fear and anxiety have multiplied due to erosion of tolerance, patience, forgiveness and adaptability. Anger egoism, jealousy and hatred have taken deep roots, obliterating positive thought. You must realize that you cannot have good health and  happiness unless you learn to restrain ourselves. You being the would be teachers can do great job to heal this sick world.

I congratulate you for bringing out the new website of the institute & wish you best of  luck for your future endeavours.


Akal Group of Colleges, Sangrur.